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HA01101 Safety Tripod

Application Range:
The safety tripod is used for the work at high, cliff and close space.Such as storage tank, container,reaction kettle, railway tank car, vessel cabin, closing transport channel,under pipeline(cable channel),flue, tunnel,grain silo, pit slot, vertical shaft, pulp pool,polluted water pool,sewer,cellar,septic tank, bilge well,bilge ways and so on. Widely used in fire fighting, administration, and first aid field.

Structure Features:
It consists of main parts, sling, capstan, and protection chains.
- Be made of durable super light aluminum alloy, adjustable legs, safety factor more than 10. There are protection chains at the bottom.
- Automatic lock capstan for rising and falling, to protect sling work.
- The cable of sling is made of stainless steel, good tenacity and rust proof.
- Convenient combination is suitable to fix at the well and pit mouth. Out of the limit of the ground unevenness.

Technical Data:
◆Max Load: ≤160kg                          
◆Folded Length: 1.8m               
◆Unfolded Length: 2.4m                  
◆Handle Strength ≤500N               
◆Cable Length: 20-50m

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