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HA03101 Safety Padlock

Name: Safety Padlock

Model: HA03101


● The padlock body is made of ABS, which is light and strong.
● The body is insulated, special lock core can stop the current from shackle to key, to avoid the electric shock possibility.
● The shackle is made of metal, super strong corrosion resistant electroplating cover.
● Thread design sides, easy operation.  
● "Danger" and property Labels on front and back.
● Shackle size: vertical clearance is 3.8cm, horizontal clearance is 2.1cm, diameter is 0.55cm.
● Body size: 4.4cm height*3.8cm width*2cm thickness. 
● Service Temperature: -57℃~117℃.
● The body can be marked with letters and codes.
● Seven colors available: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, white, black.
● Keys management: Differ, Alike, Master. 

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