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HA02603A Explosion-proof Electric Heating Combination EyeWash Shower

Name: Explosion-proof Electric Heating Combination EyeWash Shower(Dust-proof Type)

Model: HA02603A


HA02603A is a freeze-resistant eye washes/shower unit which provides emergency relief and primary treatment in areas exposed to -20℃~40℃. PVC shell and it’s comprised of mainly pipe(SS304 steel),heating tape, inner heat layer, outside heat layer. The unique wash basin cover design, suitable for outdoor sands area. When open the lid of wash basins, eye wash sprink water automatically, close the lid, the valve will be automatically closed, easy to use.                                                                                     
1. Eyewash head: Stainless steel material.          
2. Valve: Eyewash valve is made of 1" SS 304 ball valve.             
3. Water inlet and outlet: 1〞IPS.                       
4. Flow control: The change of flow up to pipe pressure. Within prescriptive pressure, the maximum flow is 114L/Min.
5. Pressure: 0.2MPA~0.8MPA.                   
6. Volt: 220V-250V.
7. Water supply: Clean water.
8. Use environment: Places with dangerous material, with pollution or might be exploding and burning.

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