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HA08060 45-110 Gallon Safety Cabinet

Name: 45-110 Gallon Safety Cabinet

Model: HA08045/HA08060/HA08090/HA08110


 Model  Size  Weight  Volume  Adjustable Layer/ Max Load  Note
 HA08045  1650*1090*460mm  138kg  45 Gallon / 170 Liter  2 layers / 100kg  Double-door
 HA08060  1650*860*860mm  165kg  60 Gallon / 227 Liter  2 layers / 100kg  Double-door
 HA08090  1650*1090*860mm  190kg  90 Gallon / 340 Liter  2 layers / 100kg  Double-door
 HA080110  1650*1500*460mm  270kg  110 Gallon / 410 Liter  2 layers / 100kg  Double-door

● Double fire proof steel plates structure, there is a 38mm thickness insulation layer between steel plates.
● High quality steel plate with thickness more than 1.0mm, longer service life, better fire resistance after the welding point treatment.  
● Three - point type door lock linkage, easy opening and closing 180° doors with the key.
● 5 cm high leak proof due to the accidental outflow of liquid can not overflow.
● Professional standard warning labels.
● Equipped with double vents of anti closed fire device.
● Leak proof type plate is unique - can be freely adjusted every 6 cm between the upper and lower layer.
● The cabinet - both inside and outside the spray is persistent, no lead lacquer, prevent chemical erosion.
● In accordance with the OSHA specification, the cabinet body is provided with static grounding transmission port, convenient connection static grounding wire.

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